In HOLY ISLAND, Rosa and David, two lost souls, try to escape a desolate purgatory, which appears as a run-down port town. The pair meet awaiting a boat to leave the island, both longing to return home. Together they are forced to traverse an abnormal maze, piecing together their past lives through shared conversations and memories. They must find a rare ticket, and overcome their own personal struggles, before becoming stuck in this limbo forever.


HOLY ISLAND is an award-winning Irish experimental drama, directed and written by Robert Manson. HOLY ISLAND was made for the Authored Works Scheme for the Arts Council, which provides film artists with the creative and editorial freedom to make a feature-length authored cultural film work from a strong artistic point of view.


HOLY ISLAND will screen exclusively at Irish cinemas from October 14th.




Irish Film Institute, Dublin

Friday October 14th: 1pm – Screening + Student Q&A 6.20pm – Screening + Q&A

Saturday October 15th – Thursday October 20th


Light House Cinema, Dublin

Friday October 14th – Thursday October 20th

Saturday October 15th: 6pm – Art Exhibition and Wine Reception + 7pm Screening


Pálás Cinema, Galway

Friday October 15th – Thursday October 20th


Triskel Arts Centre, Cork

Sunday October 16th – Thursday October 20th

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Robert Manson


Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle

Connor Madden

Dermot Murphy

Maria Oxley Boardman

Mark Doherty

Levi O'Sullivan


David Collins

Claire McCabe

Fiona Kinsella

Running Time

89 minutes

Release Date

14th October 2022


Experimental, Drama