Ó Bhéal is a cinematic exploration of the rise of Hip Hop and Electronic artists in Ireland embracing oral traditions of folklore, ancient poetry and sean nós singing to create a new fusion sound, a culture clash through music.

An ensemble piece, Ó Bhéal features Irish language rappers Seán ‘Mory’ Ó Muirgheasa and Oisín Mac, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fehdah, and Limerick rapper Strange Boy. This beautiful black & white film delves deep into these four artists’ process and looks at how they are breaking new ground in Irish music.

Ó Bhéal shines a light on a modern musical movement in Ireland. The Hip Hop scene in this country is vibrant and far reaching, but for many years the scene has focussed on a derived version of Hip Hop that is drawn from American and British styles and subject matter. This film captures a moment in time in which authentically Irish Hip Hop is emerging as a unique, vital sub-genre that is growing in popularity. It reveals how telling our own stories, in our own accents and language, helps us to connect our history and heritage to this contemporary music in a new and interesting way.

Through insightful interviews, intimate portrayals of the creative process of each artist as they work on tracks in studio, and visceral live performances, Ó Bhéal tells the story of a moment in time in the Irish musical landscape.

Ó Bhéal is in cinemas from Friday 10 November.


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Ciara Nic Chormaic


Jennifer Healy

Running Time

1 hr 15 mins

Release Date

Friday 10 November 2023


Documentary, Music, Irish Film